Cutter 310S2
BÖWE SYSTEC has a leading position when it comes to the high-speed cutting of continuous forms. Its cutters can be integrated in the BÖWE SYSTEC system environment on a modular basis, in line with the respective customer requirements. What’s more, the mailroom handling process can be automated in its entirety thanks to an online link to printing systems.

The new-generation 310S2 is BÖWE SYSTEC’s top high-performance cutting system. It provides optimum results at maximum cutting capacity – especially in the case of DIN formats. State-of-the-art servo technology makes for extremely reliable and quiet paper transport. The paper web of the 310S2 can be replaced in just a few simple steps thanks to the semi-automatic paper feed and integrated initial cut assistant, resulting in huge time savings and optimum capacity utilization in production. The cutting system boasts a broad application range and perfect precision even at high cutting speeds during continuous operation.

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