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Flexibility in processing is key for most companies using inserting systems, as the requirements often change from job to job. With its many and varied options, the proven inserting system Vario is the ideal solution for such challenges. At a speed of up to 8,200 envelopes per hour, the system processes a variety of applications securely and reliably and offers extreme flexibility in enclosure handling. In combination with a RISO printer, Vario enables the White Paper Factory for mailroom and offices.

Secure processing and maximum integrity

With its dynamic speed control, Vario processes the widest variety of materials at a throughput of up to 8,200 envelopes per hour and with a filling thickness of up to 10 mm. State-of-the-art reading technologies and continuous material tracking ensure maximum security throughout the entire inserting process.

Maximum flexibility in enclosure handling

Whether thin, thick, rough, smooth, folded or not – Vario has the best type of feeder for every kind of enclosure, with four different types to choose from.

  • The suction feeder is the solution for processing single sheets, folded enclosures with closed edges and glossy enclosures
  • The booklet feeder is for inserting check or coupon booklets
  • The friction feeder processes enclosures with open edges, such as vertically or Z folded enclosures
  • The intelligent folding feeder draws off larger unfolded enclosures to fold them to fit the envelope

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Max. performance C6, B6, B6+, DL, C6/5, C5, B5
8,200 env/h
#7 3/4, #10, 6 x 9
Enclosures Max. number: 12 feeders
Width: 100 mm - 230 mm
Height: 80 mm - 162 mm
Thickness: up to 10 mm
Paper weight: 60 - 180 g/m²
Envelopes Width: 140 mm - 250 mm
Height: 90 mm - 180 mm
Feeder capacity: approx. 300 env.
Paper weight: 65 - 110 g/m²
Max. inserting package Height: up to 10 mm